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Pokémon Go update locking users out of Trainer Club accounts (update)

iOS users beware

Pokémon Go is reportedly locking users out of their Pokémon Trainer Club accounts, following an update for iOS users. According to members of Reddit, along with those of us at Polygon, the latest version of the game is locking out players who use their Trainer Club logins to access the game.

Niantic Labs issued version 1.0.1 to iOS devices today, which was set to fix problems players have experienced with their Trainer Club accounts. These included frequent crashes and being forced to sign back into their accounts following a crash. However, players report, the update instead prevents Trainer Club members from logging into Pokémon Go whatsoever.

We've reached out to Niantic Labs about whether the issue will be fixed soon. Pokémon Go players and Trainer Club account holders are advised not to update their games until the issue has been resolved.

Pokémon Go players can check out our FAQ about the various options for logging into the game, along with other tips and tricks.

Update: Niantic Labs has released an update for Pokémon Go on iOS that fixes the Trainer Club login issue. Version 1.0.2 is now available to download and will allow players with Trainer Club accounts to log back into their accounts.

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