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Report: Legendary Pictures in negotiations with Nintendo for Pokémon Go movie

It was just a matter of time

Pokémon Go launched in Australia, New Zealand and the United States one week ago, and since then, has seen an enormous amount of people playing the game, leading to an unprecedented obsession for a mobile game. The game has seen Nintendo's value increase by $7.5 billion since launch, and it was only a matter of time before Hollywood tried to cash in on the cool new thing.

According to a report from Deadline, Legendary Pictures is in negotiations with Nintendo to produce a Pokémon Go movie. Unlike previous animated films that Game Freak's long running game have inspired, this would be a live-action movie and deal more specifically with the mobile title. Little details are known about the project that's still in its early stages, but Polygon has reached out to both Nintendo and Legendary for comment.

Legendary, the studio behind the recent Warcraft film, has reportedly been in talks for a while with Nintendo to secure the rights to the pocket monster franchise, but things have picked up tenfold since the release of the game. Early rumors suggested that Max Landis would be on board to pen the script for the film, but there hasn't been any confirmation that that's the case.

Pokémon Go is available to download right now through the App store and Google Play. For an in-depth guide on how to be the very best, check out Polygon's guide.

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