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Pokémon Go hasn’t even been out for a week yet, and it’s already a smash hit and a veritable pop-culture phenomenon. Seemingly everyone and their mother is playing it, and that includes plenty of celebrities. (See, they’re just like us!)

If you haven’t seen your favorite famous person posting about Pokémon Go, there’s a chance you just aren’t paying attention; Twitter users sent 4.7 million tweets about the game in the week from July 4-11. So here’s a compilation of social media posts from stars of all stripes, as an indication of just how mainstream Pokémon Go is.

Josh Groban

It was initially unclear if singer Josh Groban is playing Pokémon Go or just referencing a zeitgeist-y thing for some social media currency.

But in a follow-up tweet, he strongly implied that he’s been catching ’em all.

Chris Hardwick

Nerdist founder and TV host Chris Hardwick has made a career out of being a geek and proud of it. So it’s no surprise that he’d be out and about trying to snag a Rhyhorn or two, as an ardent supporter of Team Mystic.

Hardwick might have a popular podcast and multiple TV shows and 2.86 million Twitter followers, but when it comes to Pokémon Go’s reliability (or lack thereof), no one is immune to issues.

The Jonas Brothers

OK, so technically, only two of the Jonas brothers are actually playing Pokémon Go, as far as we know. Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas both sent similar tweets about the game this week, wondering about the likelihood that Pokémon were present at famous landmarks.

Nick Jonas may not be playing Pokémon Go himself, but he’s currently on tour with fellow pop star Demi Lovato, and she is definitely on the hunt for pocket monsters.

Wiz Khalifa

Another musician who’s frustrated about not being able to find Pokémon is rapper Wiz Khalifa.

He’s still enjoying the game a lot, as evidenced by two tweets he sent in quick succession — one in which he said he was "havin so much fun" playing, and another in which he proclaimed that he was undeterred by reports of privacy concerns with Pokémon Go:

Monica Lewinsky

When she’s not working as an anti-bullying activist, Monica Lewinsky — the subject of one of the most infamous political scandals of all time — is reading our sister site, searching for answers to her burning questions about Pokémon Go:

John Mayer

Guitarist John Mayer is currently touring the U.S. with the new band Dead & Company, which he formed last year with three members of the Grateful Dead. His own albums have sold more than 20 million copies, so it’s unsurprising that he would have no problem plunking down the maximum amount of money that Pokémon Go will allow you to spend on PokéCoins:


A photo posted by johnmayer (@johnmayer) on

(PokéCoins, for the uninitiated, are the paid currency with which you can purchase in-game items that will help you catch and upgrade Pokémon.)

Vince McMahon

WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon might be 70 years old, but he stays in shape by using the weight room and stays in touch with what millennials are up to by, well, playing Pokémon Go, apparently:

(Yes, we’re wondering about the scroll bar to the left of Gastly, which provides a clue suggesting that this isn’t actually a screenshot from McMahon’s phone. But if you get to the point where you’re analyzing images tweeted by famous people to ascertain whether they were Photoshopped ... maybe you should just let yourself enjoy life once in a while.)

Reuven Rivlin

Pokémon Go isn’t available worldwide yet; developer Niantic Labs has slowed the game’s global rollout because of higher-than-expected demand that has overwhelmed the company’s servers. But that apparently hasn’t stopped Reuven "Ruvi" Rivlin, the president of Israel, from trying to catch ’em all:

The translation, by the way, is this: "Somebody call security [personnel]."

Chrissy Teigen

Model, cook, Lip Sync Battle host and new mom Chrissy Teigen seems to have had a short-lived love affair with Pokémon Go. Earlier this week, she began wondering aloud about whether she’d be able to play the game in Italy, and whether she’s too old to catch Pokémon (take it from us: no, 30 is definitely not the age cutoff for playing a Pokémon game).

After getting over her age concerns — and her worries over the dangers of exploring her environment on foot — Teigen began playing while watching a clip of NBC’s The Office:

But less than two days later, Teigen proclaimed that she was "over Pokemon," and that she wanted everyone to "pretend I never played and I never bought hundreds of pounds of incense." The reason?


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