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Star Trek Beyond clip focuses on newest alien, Jaylah

One of two new aliens at the forefront

Star Trek Beyond will be released next week, but Paramount Pictures has released a new clip today further introducing fans to one of the newest aliens in the franchise, Jaylah (Sofia Boutella).

In the clip, Jaylah is scavenging around a ship that has recently crashed. It's identified as Scotty's (Simon Pegg), but we don't know if it was just him that was involved in the crash or if there are other members of the Enterprise somewhere on the island. According to their conversation, the wreck came at the hands of the movie's newest villain, Krall (Idris Elba), but we're not exactly sure what's happened prior to Jaylah and Scotty meeting.

We don't know much about Jaylah, other than she's one of two main aliens that will be introduced in this film. From the looks of it, she'll also be on Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and the rest of the Enterprise crew's side.

Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the new franchise and the first not directed by J.J. Abrams, will hit theaters July 22.

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