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Fallout Shelter is out on Windows PC, new quest update live

You can finally leave the vault!

As promised in June, Bethesda’s underground vault simulator Fallout Shelter is now available for Windows PC. A new update which adds quests to the game is also available, allowing players to leave their vaults for the first time.

Previously, players taking on the role of vault Overseer could send their dwellers outside on supply runs, but could not follow those dwellers on their journeys. Update 1.6 adds the option to take control of vault dwellers to explore areas that Fallout players will be well-acquainted with, like Super Duper Mart, Red Rocket Fuel Stop and other neighboring vaults. The update also adds new enemies and weapons, as well as a revamped combat system.

The Windows version of Fallout Shelter is a free download, but can only be accessed via the launcher.

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