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Pokémon Go players can now submit PokéStop, gym location requests

You'll soon be able to get rid of that gym on your lawn, too

The Pokémon Go website will now allow users to submit requests to create and remove PokéStops and gyms. A submission form includes several categories for players and businesses to choose from, including reporting PokéStops on personal property and transforming a storefront into a noted location for trainers.

The form, dug up by Kotaku, requires that players input their email addresses, the type of request they're making and a reason for that request. Among the reasons users can choose from are the presence of dangerous PokéStops or gyms, a lack of local stops and creating a new marked location.

The exact name and address of the PokéStop and gym is required as part of the request. Players can even submit the specific coordinates of their location request if so desired.

Upon submitting their requests, however, players will receive a note from Niantic Labs stating that they are not currently accepting new PokéStop and gym locations.

"Thanks for your interest in adding PokéStops and Gyms to Pokémon GO," the message states. "While we're not currently accepting new submissions, we'll keep your city in mind in the future."

Currently, Niantic Labs uses the location data from Ingress to populate Pokémon Go's map. Players familiar with the two games have crafted helpful maps so that others can find the PokéStops that already exist. Being able to create new ones will be useful for those in more rural, isolated areas, however, as well as businesses looking to draw in Pokémon-hungry customers.

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