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Overwatch "best friends" prints
Overwatch "best friends" prints
Olly Moss

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Firewatch artist creates beautiful Overwatch prints

Oooh, you make me live

Olly Moss — friend of video games with "watch" in the title and enemy of wallets — has released a new series of prints based on Blizzard's fan generating machine, Overwatch.

These six prints, which Moss is calling his Best Friends series, are available on his site for $55 or, if you're not interested in catching 'em all, $13 each. They measure 5" x 5" and are giclee prints on "fine art watercolour paper." They're beautiful, yes ... but there's a catch.

"These prints will be available for 24 hours only," Moss notes on the site. "The Best Friends set is printed to fulfill the number of orders received within these 24 hours." That means you'd better get them in today. That said, instead of prattling on with our word talk, we'll make way for the main attraction:

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