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Apple has a new reality show, but isn't looking to compete with Netflix just yet

But original content isn't off the table entirely

When it comes to Apple TV, the company's senior vice president Eddie Cue says while they're not trying to compete with Netflix just yet, there are a lot of plans in the works.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Cue said that right now its focus is on hardware and working with different services to make the Apple TV a more attractive purchase for those looking to get rid of their cable boxes. Instead of focusing on creating its own original content right now, Cue said the company's goal is to work with different studios, networks and content providers to bring exclusive series to Apple TV users.

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With that being said, Cue didn't shy away from questions about Apple's first reality TV series, Planet of the Apps, or questions about whether Apple could get into doing more original content — including possibly working on its own scripted series — in the future. Cue said one of the main reasons Apple decided to partner with Hollywood producer Ben Silverman on the reality competition series about app developers was because they didn't trust anyone else to do it better.

"We felt like there were things that he wanted to do in the show that, if we helped him with it, it would be way better or only possible if we did it," Cue said. "And that's the reason we got involved, because we actually think we bring something to the table."

It's not the last original piece of programming Apple is working on, but Cue said right now it's focused on servicing its customers in areas it's already committed to — most importantly, music. The team at Apple has plans to do a live concert-documentary on Taylor Swift, one of Apple Music's biggest collaborators, and they're working with Dr. Dre on a new project, as well.

When it comes to programming, Cue said they're looking at Apple TV right now the same way they viewed Apple Music when that first launched. Cue said while Apple has close ties with major studios like Pixar, it's not looking into making any major acquisitions right now.

"So when we look at a studio, for example — this was discussed for why didn't we buy a music label with iTunes — I'm not sure why we should do that," Cue said. "It's not that we'll never do anything, but I'm not sure why [we should] buy a studio."

Cue said at the end of the day, they're working with talent to create the projects they want, and if there happens to be a good pitch for something in the television sphere, they're not going to turn it down.

"If I was an agent, I would be very, very excited about what Apple is doing because it lets the people that I represent be able to do more."

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