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Pokémon Go meets HoloLens with unofficial demo

A new take on the augmented reality game

Pokémon Go is only on iOS and Android devices for now, and has yet to launch in the majority of regions. Yet one team is already recreating the game for other hardware: the HoloLens, Microsoft's holographic headset.

CapitolaVR created a demo of how a Pokémon Go-style game would play on HoloLens, which you can watch above. It's just early concept footage, company head of digital David Robustelli told UploadVR, and there are no plans to work with Niantic Labs on porting the actual mobile game to the HoloLens, which combines a head-mounted display with mixed-reality technology.

Even so, it's a look at what could be the future of the augmented reality genre, of which Pokémon Go is the first mainstream success. The video shows a player using the HoloLens' gesture-based technology to throw Poké Balls at Pikachu, Charmander and other classic characters around the office.

Right now, CapitolaVR is working on creating specific movements for different controls in Pokémon Go, like zooming in on the game's map. Challenges in recreating the game's user interface will keep it from evolving much further, however. The HoloLens headset remains in development, with production kits shipped out to developers this past spring for $3,000.

Earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called Pokémon Go a boon for further augmented reality projects.

"This Pokemon interest will hopefully will translate into a lot of interest in HoloLens," he told CNBC.

For more on Pokémon Go in its actual, current state, consult our guide. Those still waiting to play the game around the world can check in with Polygon to find out where it's available to download.

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