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Pokémon Go players form stampede to catch rare Pokémon

They've gone wild for wild Pokémon

Pokémon Go has brought millions of people outdoors, with dense metropolitan areas attracting some of the largest crowds. That includes New York City, whose Central Park has become a mainstay for the most dedicated Pokémon trainers.

In the video above, their dedication to catching ‘em all reaches a fever pitch when a Vaporeon, a hard-to-get evolution of the popular monster Eevee, spawns inside of the Park. According to its description, the captured footage took place at 11 p.m. last night, July 14, serving as a reminder that Pokémon Go never sleeps, and neither do its players.

Central Park has been teeming with players at all hours of the day, however. Since the game launched on July 6, people of all ages have been seen there and, well, everywhere else, swiping on their phones excitedly to capture all kinds of Pokémon.

There’s even a meet-up set to take over the entire area this Sunday, July 17, and it’s scheduled to run all day. Nearly 4,000 people have said they’re attending the event, with another 12,000 expressing interest.

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