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Finding Pokémon Go's PokéStops just got simpler with Yelp filtering

We give this update five stars

Yelp has now added PokéStops to its search filter, the company announced in a blog post. That could be huge for Pokémon Go fans who have already begun flocking to cafes, bakeries and other places in search of Pokémon and items.

"As you head into a weekend full of wild Zubats and Charmanders, remember to open up your Yelp app or search for businesses with a nearby PokéStop," the pun-filled post reads. "To do this on mobile or desktop, simply search for a type of local business (‘bars,’ ‘restaurants,’ etc.), swipe through the filter options at the top, hit ‘PokéStop Nearby,’ and voilà! You can now find places to simultaneously run errands AND stock up on materials needed to catch that Eevee you’ve been eyeing."

PokéStops are specially marked locations in the game which offer items and a chance to find more Pokémon, if players attach a special attraction device to them. Many of these are in the vicinity — if not right inside — of retail establishments, leading to increased foot traffic.

Although thousands of businesses are already noted on Yelp, Pokémon Go players are encouraged to help out with identifying further locations. They can do so by filling out a survey on Yelp after checking in to the eatery-turned-PokéStop.

Niantic Labs, which developed the hit mobile game, recently said that it plans to invite businesses to sponsor locations within Pokémon Go, adding to the number of establishments for players to hit up in search of Hitmonchan. The game’s community has already crowdsourced maps of PokéStops around the world as well.

The PokéStop option is available to Yelp users in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Pokémon Go is slowly rolling out worldwide; it’s already out in these countries, along with several in Europe. Find out where in our availability guide, which we’re regularly updating.

For more on how to play the game, visit our FAQ and Pokémon Go section.

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