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Pokémon Go trainers could win five grand for their legendary Pokémon finds

According to this contest, Ditto is a qualifying catch

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Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is giving away up to $5,000 to the Pokémon Go player who finds the rarest Pokémon around its locations' attractions. The "Ripley’s Go" contest runs from today, July 15, until July 24 in the U.S., U.K., Australia and, strangely enough, Canada, where Pokémon Go has yet to become available.

Among the monsters that qualify as rare, per Ripley’s own index, are Ditto, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and Mewtwo. Whoever makes the rarest catch will take home $5,000, although $100 will be given out to a random player until July 24.

Whether these hard-to-find Pokémon can actually be found at the exhibitor of oddities’ various locations remains to be seen — and Ripley’s contest rules insist that players share a screenshot of the Pokémon they’ve caught at its locations to Twitter or Instagram in order to qualify.

Various Ripley’s are the home to PokéStops, which attract wild Pokémon, and the contest page offers a map of participating storefronts. According to that map, Pokémon Go fans looking to cash in on their rare finds will likely have to travel to the coasts; there are no qualifying Ripley’s locations in the midwest, and few further north than New York.

Pokémon Go requires players to trek across the land on the hunt for Pokémon, meaning those without the means to travel can be out of luck in finding rarer creatures. Living in isolated, rural areas has proven challenging for Pokémon fans, but it’s tough to find a rare Pokémon no matter where you live. Players have come together to share their best Pokémon finds, naming characters like Snorlax and Dratini among the least seen.

For help with catching these Pokémon when you do find them, check out our guide. We’ve got answers to many more of your Pokémon Go questions in our FAQ as well.

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