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Netflix introduces Flixtape, gives subscribers option to create their own playlists

Never think again

Much like music streaming services, Netflix is offering subscribers the option to create and share their own movie and television playlists with others.

According to Netflix, subscribers will be able to compile a list of whatever films and television series are available in their specific regions and, once given an appropriate title, share them with others through the service's new microsite. Subscribers will then be able to customize their covers with a range of old school doodles that make it feel like a traditional mixtape and publish.

There is a limit, however, on how many titles can be added to an individual playlist. While Netflix will recommend three titles based on the theme — if you're making a superhero playlist, it may recommend some of your more recently played Marvel movies — those can be ignored and you can add six titles of your choice. It's unclear if Netflix will allow users to eventually add more than six titles, but as of right now, subscribers will have to be pretty selective with their choices.

Unlike playlists on Spotify, Netflix subscribers won't be able to actually play the film or television show directly from the playlist. Instead, a trailer and description will pop up. If they're interested, they can click on a link that will bring them to the show or film's page on Netflix.

To check out a few handpicked playlists that Netflix put together before making the announcement, head over here.

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