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Nintendo becomes most traded Japanese stock in any one day this century

Gotta trade 'em all

Nintendo continues to break all sorts of records with its unbelievably popular Pokémon Go mobile game.

On Friday, Nintendo became the most traded company by value of shares traded this century on the Tokyo stock market, beating out the likes of Tokyo Electric, SoftBank and Nippon Steel, according to Bloomberg.

While it wasn’t the largest volume of Nintendo stock traded ever on the market — that happened on on July 11, the day after the game's first weekend — it was the highest value with 476 billion yen (or about $4.5 bill) worth of shared trading hands on Friday.

At $33 or so, the company’s stock price is still well below the high it hit in 2007 when Nintendo was trading in the mid $70 range.

Below you’ll see a ten-year look at the company’s stock value and volume. No, that isn’t an axis on the far right, it’s a mammoth volume spike. And don't forget, the game still hasn't released in the land of the Pokémon: Japan.

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