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Pokémon Go's best way to level up requires plenty of Pidgey

Here's a site to help you do the math

Pokémon Go is concerned with just a handful of things: finding all of the Pokémon, winning gym battles on behalf of a team and leveling up your trainer along the way. Players have already devised a smart method of accomplishing that last goal, and it only needs an experience growth item and as many Pidgey, Rattata or other commonly found Pokémon as you can gather.

Evolving common Pokémon, like a mass of Pidgey, at once while a player is under the effect of an experience-boosting Lucky Egg will lead to tons of bonus gains. That's why Reddit user bchn came up with PidgeyCalc, a site to help players in their quest to level up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"Lucky Eggs are scarce so it's best if you maximise your XP gain during the 30 minutes that it's active," bchn wrote on Reddit. "The best way to do this is to save up all your low-evolution-cost Pokemon (Pidgey, Weedle, Caterpie) and evolve them all at once after you activate your [Lucky Egg]."

To use the calculator, players must enter the number of Pidgey they have alongside the number of candy they have. The site will then spit back information on whether it's better to save your Lucky Egg and Pidgey until you have more of the characters, in order to garner the most experience all at once.

Players can find Lucky Eggs at PokéStops as well as acquire them by leveling up. As a player's trainer level grows, the variety of Pokémon they find diversifies, making this a good method for those looking to catch 'em all. For more tips, check out our FAQ.

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