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Hitman brings Gary Busey to the game as a celeb target this week

In a fan poll, he beat out Lumbergh from Office Space

Given the choice of Gary Cole or Gary Busey (as portrayed by Phil Hartman, above) Hitman fans chose Busey and will get him as a celebrity Elusive Target in the game for one week beginning Thursday.

Busey, a motorcycle enthusiast who co-starred with Mr. T in 1983's D.C. Cab, was chosen after a hashtag campaign announced way back in March. In it, he and Cole competed for the honor of being killed in a video game by making false claims of despicable behavior.

No word on when or if Cole, who portrayed Capt. Jeffrey MacDonald in the 1984 NBC miniseries Fatal Vision based on the Joe McGinniss book of the same name, will join the game. It figures that if Square Enix already paid for his appearance, he'll show up at some point.

Busey's the prey in the Elusive Target mission called "The Wildcard," which will be available July 21 to July 28. Hitman is available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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