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Pokémon Go items: Where to find them and how much you'll have to spend

Why PokéStops are a trainer's best friend

Pokémon Go tempts players with several items to aid their Pokémon-catching adventures. These range from the absolute necessities — Poké Balls — to pricier conveniences, like extra bag storage. We've got a list of all of the items that trainers can collect throughout their travels, as well as whether they need to invest some hard-earned cash or experience points first.

A dedicated Pokémon Go player is already likely familiar with most of this list, if they don't already have the majority of these items at their disposal. Although some of these cost real money — thanks to PokéCoins, the in-game equivalent — many of them can be found throughout the game itself.

For more on what many of these items do, check out our Pokémon Go FAQ.

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