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Pokémon Go in Central Park: A real life Pokémon journey

We all live in a Pokémon world, as long as the servers stay connected

Central Park is the highest trafficked park in the United States.

Forty-two million visitors walk through New York City's historic landmark annually. But lately, New Yorkers and tourists alike may notice a higher concentration of people across the park; that's because it's become a Pokémon Go player's utopia since the game launched earlier this month.

On Sunday, July 17, we attended a Facebook-organized meetup for players in the tri-state area to come together and catch Pokémon at New York's most popular hunting ground. The day was plagued by server outages, a frequent problem for Pokémon Go in its first month on the market. For those who could connect to the game for more than a short time, there were spoils to be had, thanks both to the 80-degree weather and the number of Pokémon found throughout the day.

Browse through some of our photos below for a sense of what the meetup was like. Don't expect to see clusters of people charging after Vaporeon; the afternoon was a fairly calm affair, thanks in part to how spread out Central Park is. (The 162-year-old park comprises an area of 843 acres.) Still, we met some new people and caught some new Pokémon among some of the prettiest sites the city has, so it was a win-win for us.


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