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Report: Pokémon Go launching in Japan July 20

The game finally comes home

Japanese Pokémon players have been some of the last to get their hands on Pokémon Go officially, but that's about to change, according to Tech Crunch.

The website is reporting that the game will launch in Japan on July 20, citing sources close to the project, after already launching in most Western countries including the United States, Canada, and many European states.

Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke told Forbes the reason it were waiting on an official release in Japan was because of ongoing server issues around the world. It wanted to ensure that the servers were more steady before it released the game in what could potentially be their biggest market.

If the game launches in Japan tomorrow, it'll also mark the first partnership between Niantic and another corporation to bring sponsored Pokémon Go gyms to players. More than 3,000 McDonald's locations across Japan will become official gyms in the game, according to the site.

Niantic previously said that it was looking to partner with a major corporation in Asia, according to Tech Crunch, but didn't specify which country or company would be involved. Following the game's launch and the mass popularity it has found with players, companies have been looking to partner with Niantic to get their businesses registered as Pokémon gyms or PokéStops.

Pokémon Go is expected to launch in other Asian countries by the end of this week.

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