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Pokémon Sun and Moon brings new online, training features

Your level 100 Pokémon are about to get jacked

Pokémon Sun and Moon will include new competitive online features, along with a mode that allows trainers to continue powering up their ultimate strongest Pokémon. These new modes are previewed in the trailer above, which also includes a look at six of the Alola Region's never-before-seen Pokémon.

The Global Link system, the main way of bringing Pokémon trainers online, will receive an update to include the new Friendly Competitions. These will allow players to host their own matches with set rules, pitting their Pokémon against either those of online rivals or the people playing around them.

Who specifically gets to enter online competitions is up to the host. This player can limit the entry conditions to only include people they know or complete, Pokémon-loving strangers. As for live competitions, players can share and scan QR codes that contain the rules of the game and allow them to participate.

Service for the current Global Link system will be discontinued in order to get it ready for Sun and Moon. The Pokémon Company did not specify when the online feature is going offline for players of X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

The other new mode shown above is Hyper Training. Although they'll need a special item attached to the legendary Magearna in order to use it, Hyper Training will give trainers a chance to power up their level 100 Pokémon's stats for the first time. With the help of Alola Region teacher Mr. Hyper, Pokémon fans' strongest monsters will finally be able to become even stronger.

Magearna, the steel- and fairy-type who was the first new monster to be introduced this generation, will be distributed stateside later this year, according to The Pokémon Company. Also introduced today are the following: Wimpod, Bounsweet, Comfey, Mudsdale, Bewear and Mimikyu. Each of their abilities are demonstrated in the trailer, but check back in with Polygon later for the full rundown.

Fans will hopefully be able to try out Hyper Training not long after the game launches. Pokémon Sun and Moon arrive for Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 18.

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