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Get to know Pokémon Sun and Moon's six newest Pokémon

From the adorable to the bewildering

Pokémon Sun and Moon's Pokédex just got bigger with the reveal of six new Pokémon. First seen in a trailer that premiered this morning, the Pokémon run the gamut from a happy-go-lucky bear to a ... ghastly Pikachu? Follow along below for more details on the latest Pokémon.



The appropriately named Wimpod is one cowardly roach. The "turn tail Pokémon" runs at the first sign of danger, spraying noxious gas at enemies to ward them off. With the ability Wimp Out, the bug/water-type will immediately scurry out of battle if it loses more than half of its hit points.



Mimikyu may be one of the most unique, creepiest Pokémon to ever join the series. On the surface, it's a cute little ghost with some dual fairy typing, but as soon as you realize that Mimikyu is the "disguise Pokémon," it all starts to get strange. Those cute red cheeks and pointy ears aren't just to make it appear cuddly; they're drawn on to trick people into thinking that Mimikyu and series mascot Pikachu are one in the same.

According to its official bio, Mimikyu is "dreadfully lonely, and it thought that it would be able to make friends with humans if only it looked like Pikachu." Although that's a tragic backstory, we'd be lying if we said it didn't unsettle us a bit. Thankfully, Mimikyu's Disguise ability, which allows it to evade an enemy's attack and change its look, might help it win us back over. (P.S. Mimikyu already has a huge fanbase, thanks to an early leak.)



This powerful horse is so strong, it's banned from hoofing it down the streets of Alola, for fear of cracking the pavement. Mudsdale is a ground-type — no surprise there — who uses its muddy coating as an extra layer of protection. The 2,000-pound "draft horse Pokémon" has the new ability Stamina, which ups its defense after taking damage.



You know how "Ring Around the Rosie" is thought to be about the Great Plague? We get a sense that that urban legend is the inspiration behind this sentient flower crown. The fairy-type uses its collection of posies to defend itself against other Pokémon. But Comfey is also a helpful sort, thanks to its Triage ability. Triage prioritizes health-restoring moves in battle.



The winner of this year's best Pokémon pun, Bewear could be the best of this latest batch of monsters. The color scheme is a bit off (pink, black and white? Not the most flattering, guys), but we can't help but want to give Bewear the biggest hug. We have a feeling it's a good hugger, too; Bewear is the "strong arm" Pokémon, after all, and its bio notes its affinity for warm embraces. The normal/fighting-type is pretty powerful too; its Fluffy ability halves any direct damage it takes, although it also doubles the damage that fire-type attacks have on the bear.



Bounsweet is a piece of fruit with a face on it. There are certainly stranger Pokémon, but still: Weird. Apparently Bounsweet smells really nice, though, which always scores points with us. While that's its appeal with humans, its fellow Pokémon sometimes mistake it for ... well, food, which makes sense, but also opens up a bunch of questions about the nature of Pokémon cannibalism.

The Pokémon Company also debuted new footage of these monsters earlier today. You can see that and learn more about new features included in Sun and Moon, launching Nov. 18 on Nintendo 3DS.

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