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Gravity Rush 2 gets anime before December launch

Jump up and down — and upside down — for joy

Gravity Rush 2 will launch Dec. 2, according to the PlayStation Blog. The PlayStation 4 sequel to 2012's Gravity Rush, which first launched on PlayStation Vita, received a new trailer to celebrate the release date. You can watch it above to see protagonist Kat bend time and space through a gorgeous world.

Before the game arrives, however, an anime series set between the first and second Gravity Rush installments will debut. Gravity Rush the Animation ~Overture~ is in production at Studio Khara, which worked on the Rebuild of Evangelion films. There's no air date yet for the show, although it's expected ahead of the game's release.

Pre-ordering Gravity Rush 2 will net fans an exclusive white costume for Kat, along with a soundtrack. Starting Aug. 2, digital pre-orders will come with PlayStation Network avatars.

Like its predecessor, Gravity Rush 2 is a physics-based combat game where players manipulate Kat's environment to send her through the air or knocking into enemies. This time, she'll be joined by new characters and added abilities. We went hands-on with the game at E3 2016, calling it one of the PlayStation booth's best hidden gems.