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Obduction delayed another month to late August

This is the last one, for real, probably

Obduction campfire screenshot 1920 Cyan Worlds

Obduction, the spiritual successor to Myst from Cyan Worlds, is now set for release Aug. 24, the studio announced today.

This is the latest in a series of delays for the adventure game, which was funded on Kickstarter in late 2013 to the tune of $1.32 million. At the time, Cyan Worlds planned to release Obduction in fall 2015. Last October, the company pushed the launch back to early 2016, citing issues with securing additional funding to match the game’s expanded scope. In March, Cyan said it was aiming to release Obduction in June, and then in June, the studio delayed the game again to July.

"We’re taking another few weeks (until the week of August 22nd) to do a bit more cleaning and polishing," said Ryan Warzecha, a producer on Obduction, in a blog post announcing the delay. "No excuses, we should be better with our estimated completion dates."

Warzecha said that Cyan Worlds chose to delay Obduction one more time in order to fix bugs, which had been left unaddressed while the development team implemented some last-minute game systems.

"We were so close, we could ship," said Warzecha. "But we came to the unanimous decision that if we shipped it was driven mainly by the deadline — not because we were satisfied."

Obduction will be available for $29.99 on Mac and Windows PC, along with a virtual reality version for the Oculus Rift. For more, check out the trailer from March below.

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