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The second Star Wars VR experience is OK, we guess

Disney's second free app is also underwhelming

Trials on Tattooine is a free Star Wars virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive. It’s available now. You should grab it if you have a Vive; it takes about five minutes to play if you skip the opening craw,l and you get to swing a lightsaber around.

Its hard to complain about something so slight and free. I had a fun time playing it for the first time, and my children likewise had fun pretending to be Jedi in virtual reality. The individual who handles the voice-over work does a pretty good impersonation of Harrison Ford, and I instinctively ducked when the Aluminum Falcon landed above me. It’s neat to crouch down to get a sense of the R2-D2’s "real" scale.

That being said, that’s it?

This is Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB! It’s not that the experience is bad or not worth your time. It’s perfectly passable. My issue was that, fairly or not, I expected something from the official source to be a significant leap up from competing virtual reality products. I wanted my jaw to drop. I wanted something that made me feel like a Jedi while bringing me into the world of Star Wars. Instead I played a pretty decent technology demo for virtual reality, one that would have felt adequate had I waited in line for a few hours at Comic-Con or a similar show to see what all the buzz was about.

Again, it's hard to sound gracious complaining about a free app like this, but Star Wars is known for wonder and a sense of adventure and daring. This is the second free virtual reality app that Disney has released that doesn't clear that, admittedly high, standard. This is worth a bit of hard drive space if you already own a Vive, but we're stuck hoping for a Star Wars VR experience that's worthy of the name.

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