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Pro skier Matilda Rapaport killed while filming for Ubisoft

The beloved athlete was filming video for the upcoming game Steep

A photo of Matilda Rapaport posted to her Instagram days before her death while filming a promotion for Ubisoft

Matilda Rapaport, a Swedish professional skier known for participating in extreme sports events, died yesterday while filming footage to be used in connection with Ubisoft’s upcoming game Steep.

The sad news comes courtesy of The Guardian, which reports that Rapaport, 30, was caught in an avalanche in the Andes mountains, near Santiago, Chile. Rapaport posted the image above to her Instagram account one week ago, just days before she was caught in the avalanche; it shows off the equipment she was using while filming.

The avalanche occurred Thursday, after which she was transported to a nearby hospital. Rapaport’s sponsor, Red Bull, confirmed that she died in the hospital following oxygen deprivation and brain damage.

In a statement provided to GameSpot, Ubisoft called the incident a "tragic accident that has deeply touched us."

"Matilda’s courage, passion, and desire to share the sport she loved with the world served as an inspiration for other athletes and for us all," said a spokesperson for the publisher.

Announced last month during E3, Steep is an extreme sports title set in the Alps, where players will be able to alternate between skiing, snowboarding and skydiving with a wingsuit. It’s due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC this December.