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Pokémon Go chat app finally arrives ... from Razer

Gotta chat em all!

Pokémon Go is finally getting chat, but it’s not coming from the game’s developer.

Razer today announced a new mobile and computer messenger app for Pokémon Go that it says will interface seamlessly into the popular Android and iOS game and support team colors, a variety of chat modes and eventually pop-up chat room beacons.

The web browser version of RazerGo is set to go live this about 10 p.m. ET this evening on and the Android and iOS versions are scheduled to go live on July 25, 2016 or sooner.

RazerGo allows players to discover and chat with Pokémon trainers in a scalable radius, according to the company. Local mode reaches players within a three mile area, regional will include those within 60 miles and global will include all players. The app includes the team colors of players as well as three chat modes: public, team and whisper.

An upcoming feature will allow users to drop "beacons" on the map that other players can see and interact with, unlocking a regionalized chat room.

The app is not officially affiliated with the game or endorsed by Nintendo, The Pokémon Company or Niantic Labs, according to the company. We haven’t seen the app in action yet, nor any pictures, so it’s unclear how "seamlessly" RazerGo will fit in with Pokémon Go.

To celebrate, Razer is hosting a stop on a Pokecrawl tonight in San Francisco. The Pokecrawl will hit the RazerStore in Westfield San Francisco Centre at Market 5th streets about 6 p.m as it winds its way along a still-to-be-announced route.

The Razer stop will include giveaways, promos and, most importantly, lots of Lures dropped along the route.

More details, we’re told, will be delivered via Razer’s social channels on Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat.

Correction: The Pokecrawl is not hosted by Razer, but will be one of the stops along the route. We have corrected the story and regret the error.

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