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Guns, games, violence, Star Wars, Minecraft and just about everything else

Games for Change Festival videos go live

Videos for nearly 50 of the talks that shaped last month’s Games for Change Festival went live on YouTube this week.

The videos are broken down into three areas — neurogaming and health, learning and civics and social issues — and cover topics as far ranging as medical Minecraft, museums of the future, Star Wars and violence and video games.

That last topic was the title for a panel that included researcher Patrick Markey, psychologist Eric Schleifer and myself. It was moderated by USA Today reporter Greg Toppo.

In it, the three of us discussed everything from the importance of violent video games, to the research into the topic to some of the questions violence in video games might raise. I wrote this opinion piece before the talk to sort of prep what I was going to say.

Make sure you check out the other videos as well for an interesting variety of discussions that I wish we would see more of surrounding games.

Note: I am an unpaid volunteer member of the Games for Change advisory board.

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