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Twitch shuts down popular CSGO streamer's channel

One of the first to go after Terms of Service update

Twitch has permanently suspended Phantoml0rd, a well known personality in the controversial Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting community, from the service following changes in its terms of service. The ban came down yesterday, with Phantoml0rd's Twitch channel now redirecting to a notification about its closure.

"The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations," the message from Twitch reads. Although which elements Phantoml0rd violated are not specified, the suspension is likely due to his Global Offensive weapon skin gambling streams. (Twitch does not comment further on suspension notices, a representative told Polygon.)

When Valve responded to recent drama in that community, wherein players trade in-game items for real money, by pledging to shut down gambling sites that use Steam, Twitch announced that it would also bar users from streaming bets placed on those sites. Phantoml0rd is one of the most visible streamers to be affected by the policy update, instated last week.

His YouTube channel, including videos of his various Global Offensive gambling wins, remains open; it has more than half a million subscribers. We've contacted Phantoml0rd for comment on his Twitch suspension and will update accordingly.

Valve's crackdown on gaming's gambling scene follows its involvement in a lawsuit filed by a Global Offensive player, who alleged that the company facilitated betting communities, some of which allow for underage members. Since then, several popular YouTubers have been exposed as having undisclosed business relationships with the gambling sites they promote. Phantoml0rd has faced these allegations himself, although he has not publicly responded to them.

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