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Kirby Café in Japan will have adorable curries, drinks, cupcakes

Shop will also sell accessories

Official Kirby Café locations are coming to Japan, and their new website showcases some absolutely darling dishes inspired by characters from the Nintendo series.

The menu includes a King Dedede barbecue plate, an entrée shaped like Whispy Woods, a Meta Knight parfait and a pink pancake dish featuring Kirby’s face. The café will also serve brightly colored drinks and cupcakes piled high with fruit purée and cream.

The café locations also include a store where fans can buy exclusive accessories like iPhone cases, pillows, buttons and purses.

One café in Osaka will open Aug. 5, with a location in Tokyo soon to follow. There will also be a standalone Kirby Café store opening in Nagoya on Aug. 24.

Take a look at some of the café's menu items in the gallery below.

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