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System Shock remake is coming to PS4

Kickstarter project originally Xbox One, PC exclusive

Nightdive Studios will launch its System Shock reboot on PlayStation 4 in early 2018, the company announced on the PlayStation Blog. Originally announced as a Windows PC and Xbox One exclusive, the developer and Sony have now partnered to bring the game to PS4 as well.

"After we saw the overwhelming demand for PS4, we reshuffled our priorities and focused on talking to Sony about making that happen," wrote project director Jason Fader in an update. "After a few weeks and lotttts [sic] of emails, we are officially on track for bringing System Shock to the PS4! No stretch goal for it. We're adding it in as a thank you to our backers that put their faith in us."

In the campaign's FAQ, Nightdive initially said that, while it was committed to Xbox One and PC for now, it was looking to bring System Shock to other platforms.

System Shock hit Kickstarter last month with a crowdfunding goal of $900,000. Backers have since pledged more than $1 million at time of writing, unlocking a new tier and closed beta access to those who put up $50 or more. The game is targeting a December 2017 launch, according to the campaign page.

For more on the reboot, read our interview with the development team, which has grown to include veteran designers like Chris Avellone (Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas).

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