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Pro Super Smash Bros. competitor retires after harassment allegations, informal ban (update)

Tournament officials wanted to sideline him

Professional Super Smash Bros. player Cristian "Hyuga" Medina has announced his retirement from competition, calling the community "a very toxic environment." His exit from the Super Smash Bros. scene comes amid controversy following this past weekend's Evo 2016 event, when fellow player and streamer Victoria "VikkiKitty" Perez alleged that Medina had molested her in the middle of the night.

Medina addressed the situation in a message on Twitter, called "About what happened."

"I'm not accepting the 'facts,' I never said that," Medina wrote, referencing posts from Perez and friends that suggested he had admitted to the accusation. Instead, he continued, "what I said is that I accept the punishment, because I'm accepting guilt, guilt because I was very drunk with people that I did not know and in another country, that was my responsibility, and that is why, I accept the consequences."

These consequences include an informal ban proposed by several leaders in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Smash 4) competitive community, in which Medina was a top player. Although the one-year ban was not an official ruling, the Global Smash 4 Leadership Group said in a statement, it was "intended to be a recommendation."

"I do not ever want to come to USA to play, I do not care, nor do I want to play in Mexico," Medina, a Mexico native, said in his Twitter post, responding to the suggested ban. "[From] my perspective, for me, is a very toxic environment and I RETIRE FROM COMPETITIVE SMASH, right now, I just want to concentrate on my life and in my career."

Medina had closed his social media accounts earlier this week after the allegations came to light, and the statement shared tonight is said to remain up for just a few hours. It's the first public comment Medina has made since his sponsor, VGBootCamp, dropped him from its professional Super Smash Bros. team in response to the molestation claim.

At the conclusion of his note, Medina offered an apology to his friends and fans. He also addressed Perez and her boyfriend, another pro Smash Bros. player.

"I apologize again to Vicky and DJ Jack, if what they say is true," he wrote.

The event in question happened following the Smash Bros. for Wii U finals on Saturday, July 16. Medina had competed in this year's Evo tournament, tying for 25th place.

Update: After speaking to Perez, Medina may return to the competitive scene, according to a follow-up post.

"I spoke to Vicky and we only want to solve this problem," he wrote early this morning. "This is why I will consider to come back and play in the future."

We reached out to Perez, who confirmed that she and Medina discussed the matter.

"We wanted to be civil," she told Polygon. "It was difficult to talk, at least for me, but I do not condone the behavior of others going after his family and we wanted to make sure they left him and I alone. I do not forgive him and we are not 'BFFs.'"

As part of their agreement, Medina will attend therapy for what he called his "alcohol problem." He will also accept the ban informally levied by the Global Smash 4 Leadership Group, barring him from international tournaments until July 2017.

"The people need to relax about all of this," Medina wrote in his post, entitled, "The problem with Vicky is over." He went on, saying, "Hate only tears people apart. Vicky believes I am going to be able to get better in all of this. I accept all my consequences and punishment."

Perez remained hopeful. "I just hope this relays a message to others about the consequences their actions bring," she told us.