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Detective Pikachu movie news rekindles fan desire for Danny DeVito in title role

Fans get real weird with it

Legendary Pictures is adapting Pokémon for the big screen, with a live-action Detective Pikachu movie in the works. There are few details known about the Hollywood production yet, but fans have already got their casting choice for the lead on lock: diminutive character actor Danny DeVito.

To those out of the loop, this may seem like a bizarre pick for Pikachu. Yet fans have clamored to hear DeVito’s voice come out of the electric mouse’s smiling face since the first trailer dropped for Great Detective Pikachu, a Nintendo 3DS game that launched in Japan in February. In the eShop-exclusive adventure game spinoff, the titular Pokémon has a deep, adult male voice, surprising fans who are more accustomed to its cutesy squeaks.

As a joke, fans named DeVito as their choice for the English version’s Detective Pikachu. A Western release remains unconfirmed, however, and DeVito himself told an audience this past spring that he was unfamiliar with the franchise.

That hasn’t stopped Pokémon lovers and the internet at large from pitching DeVito for the Hollywood adaptation, now that it’s reportedly been fast-tracked for a 2017 release. A teaser poster bearing his name is a top post on Reddit, with commenters begging for DeVito to make the shortlist.

When the live-action feature news hit Twitter, fans responded accordingly on social media as well.

Some have other, more Oscar-winning ideas for the lead role of the sleuthing Pikachu, however.

We’ll find out more about who will play Detective Pikachu — assuming it even speaks English, not Pikachu, in this Western take — closer to the production’s start date.

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