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A King's Tale: Final Fantasy 15 takes the series back to the 16-bit days

A retro-style, sidescrolling spinoff coming to modern consoles

The latest addition to the Final Fantasy 15 universe is A King's Tale: Final Fantasy 15, an old-school sidescroller coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Square Enix debuted its Super Nintendo-era graphical style in the trailer above, showing that it's more than just an '80s homage.

A King's Tale gives players the chance to be a younger King Regis, star of the feature film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 and father to the hero Noctis. The whole game is, in fact, a bedtime story that Regis relays to his son. Although A King's Tale looks retro, it includes a more modern combat system with magic attacks, companions and summons, according to its website. Players can traverse three locations as they fight off enemies, from Cactuars to even tougher foes.

The game is a pre-order exclusive at GameStop, launching alongside Final Fantasy 15 on Sept. 30. Square Enix first announced it at E3 2016, where it also debuted a Final Fantasy 15 VR experience for PlayStation VR. We went hands-on with that spinoff and found it to be less-than-enticing.

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