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Square Enix teases its first Apple Watch RPG

What time is it? Role-playing time.

Drawn hand wearing apple watch with Cosmos Rings logo above

Cosmos Rings will be Square Enix’s first role-playing game released on Apple Watch, Famitsu reports.

Little is known about the game other than it will make use of the Apple Watch’s pedometer functionality, according to Kotaku's translation of the Famitsu report. Takehiro Ando, creator of the Chaos Rings series of mobile RPGs, will produce the game. The title suggests it will be a spinoff of the series.

The art direction for Cosmos Rings will be done by Yusuke Naora, who worked on some of the most beloved Final Fantasy games, as well as the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

While Cosmos Rings will be Square Enix's first attempt at an Apple Watch RPG, the genre isn't entirely new to the platform. When the Watch App Store went live last year, it was populated with fantasy games like Runeblade and Watch Quest! Heroes of Time.

Cosmos Rings launches on the iOS App Store and the Watch App Store later this summer.

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