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Necropolis will see major changes in response to reviews and criticism

New content coming within the next two months

Necropolis: a warrior with a sword faces off against a large troll

Necropolis, the new Dark Souls-inspired roguelike, will receive considerable updates after receiving criticism for some of its key game elements, according to a post on Steam by developer Harebrained Schemes.

Many reviewers, including Polygon’s own Philip Kollar, were disappointed by the glib and unhelpful item descriptions, lack of variety in environment, enemy design and combat. In an attempt to address all of these issues and more, Harebrained Schemes has promised to add new content to the game within the next few weeks at no extra cost to the player. The developer stated in their forum post:

As with everything we make, the Harebrained Schemes team has scoured the player responses and critic reviews to begin the process of turning your feedback into an action plan for supporting and improving the game. We deeply appreciate all of the constructive comments we received and the thought that went into them. We know we have work to do and we're committed to making NECROPOLIS live up to its potential.

These updates began yesterday with some bug fixes, as well as changes to certain item descriptions. Over the next two to four weeks, the enemy spawning system will be altered, more difficult enemies will appear earlier in the game, and new weapons, armor and enemies will be added.

Content coming within the next two months includes environmental alterations, an entirely new area and an additional playable character.

Necropolis is available now for Mac and Windows PC.

Correction: The game will be available on consoles at a later date.

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