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Overwatch's latest patch brings Ana to PS4 and more (update)

We're all moms now

Overwatch players on PlayStation 4 can now play support sniper Ana Amari through a patch released today. If you've done your homework, you'll know that Ana is one of the original members of the Overwatch strike team and also Pharah's mother.

A number of hero balancing updates have also been rolled out; self-healing abilities now charge ultimate attacks. This, however, means that the cost for ultimates has been adjusted accordingly per character. Mercy's Resurrect ability, for example, will need to charge 30 percent more than before. The long-awaited D.Va update is also included. This adds an invulnerability to her own Self-Destruct and a one-second cooldown for her Defense Matrix.

Similar to last week's MOBAwatch Brawl, Competitive Play matches will now allow your team only one of each hero per game, as confirmed by game director Jeff Kaplan earlier this month. That means no more all-Torbjörn and Bastion teams.

Other tweaks include Overtime modifications. Players will respawn two seconds slower and the fuse "burns down" faster if a match exceeds 20 seconds. You can read the rest of the patch details on Blizzard Entertainment's forums.

The update already hit Windows PC on July 19, but unfortunately Xbox One players still have to wait for their own patch.

Update: Ana is now available on Xbox One, according to Blizzard's forums.

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