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Injustice 2 adds Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle to its superhero lineup

And many more fan-favorite characters are coming

Blue Beetle

At an Injustice 2 panel today during San Diego Comic-Con, NetherRealm Studios revealed two new additions to the game’s cast of playable characters: Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle.

Wonder Woman returns from the first game, while fan favorite Blue Beetle is brand new. During the panel, NetherRealm founder Ed Boon said the studio is taking the opportunity to explore more obscure characters than the first game.

"You’re going to see so many more characters like Blue Beetle," Boon said while laughing at the huge audience reaction to that reveal.

The Blue Beetle in Injustice 2 appears to be a more recent version of the hero, using teenager Jaime Reyes. Granted powers by an alien scarab, Reyes stepped into the role of Blue Beetle in 2006. However, the original Blue Beetle's origins go all the way back to 1939.

Injustice 2 will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.

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