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New Star Trek series called Star Trek Discovery, getting rid of the Enterprise

The show's getting serialized

The Star Trek 50th anniversary panel brought together old and new members of the Star Trek universe and although the focus was on exploring the history and importance of the series, showrunner Bryan Fuller took some time to talk about his upcoming series on CBS, Star Trek Discovery.

The panel, which took place in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, spent just a few minutes talking about the series, but did confirm it would be called Star Trek Discovery (STD for short) and would not focus on the show's iconic ship, the Enterprise. Instead, the new ship would be called Discovery, which is an homage to a ship talked about in another Star Trek series, Voyager.

Discovery ship

The show will have its premiere on CBS' regular channel, but will then air weekly on CBS All-Access, the network's stand-alone streaming service. Fuller didn't give any specific premiere date, but did reaffirm it would be in 2017. Fuller also confirmed that the show would take on a serialized format instead of an episodic one. The season, he said, would play out like a novel, with each episode representing a different chapter, instead of a certain amount of stand-alone episodes that can be watched out of order.

Star Trek Discovery begins shooting in Toronto this fall.

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