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Final Fantasy 15 CG movie Kingsglaive arrives digitally in August, on disc in October

And the film’s director wants to do more movies from here

We’ve known for a while that Kingsglaive, the CG film based on the world and characters of Final Fantasy 15, will receive a short North American theatrical run beginning Aug. 19. At Comic-Con, publisher Square Enix and distributor Sony Pictures Home Entertainment revealed when the movie will be more widely available.

Those looking to watch Kingsglaive digitally will have a slightly earlier opportunity, with the film planned to launch on various streaming and digital download channels on Aug. 30. If you’re waiting for a physical version, you’ll have to be patient; the Blu-Ray and DVD versions will not launch until Oct. 4.

Alternatively, you can get a Blu-Ray copy of Kingsglaive a bit earlier as a pack-in for the $90 Final Fantasy 15 Deluxe Edition, which releases Sept. 30. It will also be included in the $270 Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

Following the announcement, Polygon had a chance to speak with Kingsglaive director Takeshi Nozue, whose previous work with Square Enix includes co-directing another CG film, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, and serving as the CG movie director of Final Fantasy 13. Nozue explained why making a CG movie tied to Final Fantasy 15 was important to the company.

"The current generation consoles haven’t necessarily taken off around the world," Nozue said. "We wanted to be able to reach a wider audience. A film gave us a lot more opportunity to reach more people."

While the North American release of Kingsglaive is still a while away, the film hit Japanese theaters earlier this month. Nozue has been humbled by the response in his home country so far.

"We can’t believe the scores that we’ve got," he said. "It’s been great. We’re really happy about it. Some people are saying it’s 100 times better than Advent Children. That feels really gratifying."

Though he declined to speak on behalf of Square Enix as a whole, Nozue said "intends to keep making movies," whatever form those movies might take.

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