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First look at Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Marvel confirms one of Spidey's oldest villains is finally coming to the big screen

During its panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, Marvel confirmed that Vulture would be the big baddie in its upcoming Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Following the announcement, the official Twitter account for the film tweeted out an image of Spidey (Tom Holland) taking on Vulture. The actor who will be playing the villain is still unknown at this time. A sizzle reel was also shown off at Comic-Con that showcased Vulture in action, and gave a better glimpse into the type of film Homecoming would be in comparison to previous Spider-Man movies.

In the comics, Vulture is the second villain that Spider-Man ever fights. As the comics grew, so did Vulture as a character and many other villains took on his identity over the years. The iteration of Vulture in this movie, according to people live-tweeting from the panel, will be closer to the original incarnation.

Spider-Man: Homecoming, which also stars Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr., will be released July 7, 2017.

Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture