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Miitomo is getting one of its best updates yet (update)

You can finally put that candy to good use

In a forthcoming update, Miitomo will add a new mini-game that may win over long-lost fans: Players will finally be able to exchange pieces of candy for a chance to win something more useful.

The new Candy Drop game will make its debut at a later date, according to an update preview notification within the app. It will allow players to spend the candy pieces they’ve amassed by playing other mini-games in the hopes of winning game tickets, which can then be spent to play the Miitomo Drop game.

Miitomo Drop awards candy as a consolation prize, making it symbolic of failure for those still along for the Miitomo ride. Currently, it can only be spent on unlocking more of your friends’ inner thoughts. That’s going away in the update too, according to Nintendo. Instead, users can visit their friends and listen to their answers to survey questions without spending any candy at all.

Game tickets, on the other hand, are harder to come by. Nintendo periodically gives them out as a Daily Bonus throughout each month, but otherwise, a user desperate for those special items offered in Miitomo Drop may have to spend their real, hard-earned cash in order to play.

Other changes in the update include the option to turn off the Miifoto of the Day, a pop-up that automatically appears the first time you load up the game every day. Players will also be able to choose who is able to visit their rooms — meaning no more strangers busting through your door.

Miitomo has changed a lot since its launch at the end of March. Unfortunately, many of us at Polygon stopped playing the game long ago, but it has steadily improved since then. Miitomo abandoners may be delighted to hear that the game has become faster, its user interface has been simplified and its chat options have been expanded.

Update: On July 28, Nintendo updated Miitomo to include the Candy Drop mini-game. It's now available to check out on iOS and Android.

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