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How Overwatch players can get booted from games, thanks to new hero Ana

Go to sleep, little baby

Ana has already become a fan favorite with Overwatch players, but those who square off against her may soon change their minds. A video posted to the Overwatch subreddit shows how Ana can get fans kicked out of a game for inactivity in a matter of seconds.

Watch above to see how this works in action, but here’s the lowdown: Three players each choose Ana, sticking together as they chase down an enemy. (In this case, it’s the tough-as-nails robot, Bastion.) Once they’ve got the opponent surrounded, the Anas take turns firing off their Sleep Darts, rendering their target unconscious for 5.5 seconds. Before the enemy can get back up, the next Ana takes a shot; rinse, repeat.

Eventually, do this enough times successfully and the opposing player will be kicked out of the game. Overwatch is quick to toss out "inactive" players, giving them a tiny window to get back in the game if they step away. Even though the player surrounded by three Anas is still at the controller, their sleeping character makes the game think otherwise.

Blizzard hasn’t addressed whether it plans to disable this strategy yet, so those who find themselves facing off against just the right number of Anas should stay nimble. Ana is Overwatch’s first new hero since launch. She's now playable on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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