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God Hand Doom mod brings two ridiculous concepts into one

It’s a demon-punching good time

Doom 2 is a game you probably remember. God Hand is a game you almost definitely do not. Both, however, feature a protagonist who battles against demonic forces in absurdly violent ways. For game designer Edy Pagaza, this similarity was enough to be the basis for a fast-paced mashup mod.

Doom is id Software’s classic first-person shooter franchise, which helped define the genre, and just received a long-awaited sequel in May to critical acclaim.

God Hand, a PlayStation 2 beat ‘em up directed by Resident Evil 4 creator Shinji Mikami, was met with mixed reaction when it was first launched in 2006. It has since garnered somewhat of a cult following for its silly attitude and off-the-wall combat.

Pagaza’s video showcases his mod, which brings a basic version of God Hand’s combat style, music and user interface to the opening level of Doom 2. Pagaza has made similar mashups before, including "Duck Hunt Extreme," which combines the weapons of Duke Nukem 3D with the world of the NES classic Duck Hunt.

The mod runs on the port ZDoom, but is not available to download as of now.

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