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Learn how to play Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

By watching the entire tutorial

Want to learn how ghost-bumping and boss battles work in Bandai Namco's Pac-Man Championship Edition 2? The easiest way to get up to speed on what's changed since 2010's Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is to play Pac-Man Championship Edition 2's tutorial, which we've captured in full from our hands-on time with the game at San Diego Comic-Con last week.

The tutorial video above, which runs just shy of 14 minutes, covers all the basics: ghost-bumping, fruit-chasing and ghost train-chomping. It also touches on more advanced techniques, like braking, maximizing cornering for speed boosts, how to acquire more bombs and using airborne gobblefests to score big. You'll also learn what it takes to score a "perfect" in a giant ghost boss battle.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 is coming this September to PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

For more gameplay from Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, check out our 17-minute hands-on video below.

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