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Pokémon Go players’ late-night Magikarp hunt ends in shootout

Two wounded after early morning gunfire

An attempted robbery in Las Vegas yesterday landed a Pokémon Go player in the hospital after a fellow player pulled a weapon against another armed man, the Associated Press reported.

In the early hours of Monday, July 25, six people playing Pokémon Go in a public park — known among local players for being a good place to find Magikarp, the weak water-type Pokémon — were held at gunpoint by a man and his driver, apprehending them in an SUV. In response, one of the Pokémon players drew a gun, resulting in a shootout between the two men that left a different player injured.

Both the unidentified victim as well as the man who apprehended him are currently in recovery. The Pokémon fan suffered a shot to the stomach, although local police could not confirm if the wound was caused by the Pokémon Go player or the suspect, who is expected to be charged for the crime. The latter man is hospitalized for gun wounds of his own.

This is the latest crime tied to the popular mobile game, which launched earlier this month. The game was used more successfully to lure victims of a robbery, while two players detained a suspicious man later found to be wanted on an attempted murder warrant.

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