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Survival is no joke in No Man's Sky's latest trailer

Discover the key to making it off these planets alive

Exploring the vast, varied worlds of No Man's Sky is one thing, but, according to the new look above, surviving on them is another entirely. The trailer gives players a sense of the challenges that await them on some of the more hostile of the game's procedurally generated environments.

Weather is among the biggest concerns for space travelers in No Man's Sky, where planets can get scorchingly hot or blisteringly cold. Players must also beware of high radiation levels, destructive acid rain and, of course, the animal inhabitants who pose a threat.

Thankfully, space captains won't be totally left without protection. There are suit upgrades available to better prepare for those more forbidding environments, and the player also comes armed to fend off alien foes.

The new trailer shows off one of four elements teased in Hello Games' Guide to the Galaxy series of videos, which also teach players about explorationcombat and trading. "Survival" is the last of the four episodes — meaning players must now ready themselves as the game itself nears release. No Man's Sky comes to PlayStation 4 on Aug. 9, while the Windows PC version launches Aug. 12.