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PewDiePie’s ‘Pokémon Go lifehack’ is pretty impressive

The YouTuber plays the game without leaving the house

YouTube mega-star PewDiePie is just as obsessed with Pokémon Go as the rest of the world, but even he admits that he’d like it more if he could play without leaving the house. In a new video, PewDiePie uses his considerable wealth for a good cause: devising a way to catch Pokémon from your computer.

This hack requires the use of a drone, some duct tape, a plastic bag, a smartphone and a computer program that allows players to control both the drone and their smartphones. It’s a risky, untested method, he says — but he’s willing to try it, for the sake of playing Pokémon Go without going anywhere.

As PewDiePie walks viewers through his process, he acknowledges the risk he’s taking by sending his phone out hundreds of feet into the air with nothing but adhesive and plastic protecting it. It’s an anxiety-inducing watch, and not one without missteps; at one point, the YouTuber loses control of his phone and must call the drone back home.

Without giving anything away, however, there’s a happy ending here. PewDiePie’s way of playing Pokémon Go may not be feasible for most, but it’s hard not to root for him to make it work by the end.

PewDiePie isn't alone in employing absurd methods to get out of Pokémon Go's walking requirement; others have built bots that can go out and play the game for them. Learn more about playing Pokémon Go the normal way in our guide.

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