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Life is Strange being adapted into live-action series

“OK, Max, I’m hella ready”

Max Caulfield stares out a bus window
Max Caulfield in “Out of Time,” the second episode of Life is Strange.
Dontnod Entertainment/Square Enix

Life is Strange publisher Square Enix is working with Legendary Digital Studios and transmedia production company DJ2 Entertainment to adapt the beloved adventure game into a live-action digital series, the companies announced today.

Greg Siegel, senior vice president of development and production for Legendary Digital, said in a press release that Life is Strange "lends itself perfectly to live-action imaginings."

"We’re proud and excited to be working alongside Legendary to realise a new version of Arcadia Bay and Blackwell Academy complete with our rich cast of realistic, believable characters and memorable events," said Jon Brooke, vice president for brand and European marketing at Square Enix.

Legendary Digital will work with DJ2 to develop and produce the Life is Strange series. DJ2 is also producing Sony Pictures’ Sonic the Hedgehog film, a live-action/CGI hybrid movie that is scheduled to hit theaters in 2018. Legendary Digital’s projects include a series of Dead Rising films for streaming network Crackle. The production companies are "currently meeting with potential writers," according to the press release.

Life is Strange, which was developed by Paris-based Dontnod Entertainment, tells the story of a high-schooler named Max Caulfield who reunites with an old friend, Chloe Price, as the two teenagers search for Chloe’s missing friend Rachel Amber. Early on, Max discovers that she can rewind time and relive certain moments of her life. The game is split up into five episodes and takes place in the Pacific Northwest.

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