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Pokémon Go player deletes account after hitting level cap

"I learned so much out of this"

Much of what we know about Pokémon Go, we’ve learned through playing the game. Yet others have mined its data to discover that there is a current level cap in place, and Reddit user Problemz proclaimed he’s the first to hit it. In a series of posts, the player explained how he reached level 40 — and said he plans to ask Niantic to delete his account.

Problemz used an unspecified program to help him gain the 20 million total experience needed to jump from level one to level 40. To get from level 39 to level 40, a player needs five million experience points alone, he said. He was able to get 280,000 points per hour with the help of bots.

"I purly [sic] went for XP/h," Problemz wrote. "Nothing else. I used a total of 131 Eggs ([five] x 25 Pack - and i think [six] from leveling)."

Using the lucky egg item increases experience gains for a half hour. Players receive them upon leveling up, as well as have the option to purchase them from the in-game shop.

Other things of note from his playthrough: He caught 574 Pokémon, visited more than 7,000 PokéStops and battled against zero gyms. (His achievements list also suggest he only caught six Pikachu, but the achievements feature can be finicky.)

Despite his success — thanks to bots or not — Problemz announced he was done with the game.

"I don't play this game — I just wanted to see how far I can push with the given tools," Problemz wrote. "And I learned so much out of this."

Players can’t deactivate their accounts through Pokémon Go itself, but there is a link on its website to file a termination request.

Thanks to that, Problemz’ maxed out account is no more, according to a screenshot. Find out what it takes to level up your own trainer (up to level 30, at least) in our guide.

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