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The original Darksiders is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Wii U

The 2010 game is getting “warmastered”

THQ and Vigil Games' Darksiders is being remastered for current-generation consoles and PC, according to a listing on publisher Nordic Games’ website. Titled the Darksiders Warmastered Edition, the re-release of the 2010 action-adventure game promises enhanced visuals and native 1080p resolution on consoles.

According to the game’s website, Darksiders Warmastered Edition will feature double the texture resolution of the original game, better shadows, post-processing effects and 60 frames per second framerate on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One. The Wii U version will run at 30 frames per second.

Darksiders Warmastered Edition release date has not been announced.

Nordic Games released an updated version of the game’s sequel, dubbed the Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition, on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One in 2015.

The original Darksiders tells the story of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and his battle against the forces of Heaven and Hell across a ravaged Earth. Nordic Games acquired publishing rights to the Darksiders franchise in 2013.

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